Ways to take CBD

After your initial research, you decided that you want to start taking CBD, but now you are wondering.. how? Which way is the best for you? 

With so many different ways to use CBD, the decision can be daunting…at least it was for me!! Each method has its advantages and disadvantages but, don’t worry; I did the hard job for you and elaborated a quick guide that explains all possible ways to take CBD.

Let’s get onto it!

Known ways to use CBD



  • Oils
  • Tinctures -may be dangerous, solvents are used during extraction. 
  • Edibles: Gummies and honey.
  • Water
  • Beverage: Infused CBD coffee and tea.

Sublingual -under the tongue-

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Spray

We don’t recommend using CBD infused coffee or tea; the CBD gets degraded during the brewing process. If you love your CBD brews, it gives you more versatility and quality if you add CBD oil once your drink is done.   


  • Balms, Salves, lotions…
  • Bath Bombs


  • Vapes
  • Smoking hemp flowers


  • Suppositories 

Oral: VoN Original and Strong oils.

VoN oils contain phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids; are designed to be taken sublingually or ingested.

Although both ways are just fine, we tend to favour more the sublingual way. The reason is straightforward; you will need a smaller amount of CBD to feel its effects. This way you waste least product and will last you longer. When taken sublingually, CBD is absorbed by the blood vessels under your tongue and goes straight onto your bloodstream. This practice isn’t new and is being used for a long time to bypass the digestive system.

As discussed before, swallow it or add it onto drinks or food is fine too. It only means that CBD will take longer to reach your bloodstream, and you will need to take a larger amount to count for the lost of bioavailability.

Either way, remember to shake well the oil before use, so all components mix evenly, and you get a consistent dose. Prevent the dropper getting into contact with your mouth to avoid any contamination. If this happens, wash it thoroughly with water.

How to take oil sublingually

No mystery at all! The only trick is to hold it under your tongue for long enough so the CBD can be absorbed. We recommend anywhere between one to two minutes.

You might want to move the CBD oil around your mouth just before swallowing. We have blood vessels in our cheeks too, and you’ll maximize the absorption.

Finally swallow it, allow for the remaining CBD to be digested.

Topical: VoN CBD Balm


Since the first time we meet, we are pleasantly surprised with this chap good manners and good doing for wellbeing.

In all seriousness, it’s a product that is quickly becoming a favourite with our customers due to its qualities and natural ingredients. You can check our post CBD balm, CBD for your skin if you want to know more about VoN 2% CBD Balm.

A balm is totally different from CBD oils. It’s  because, unlike the oils, the CBD balm never actually enters your bloodstream and it fast acting formula focus on skin balance.

You don’t need much of it, so don’t get overboard! Is a full powerhouse boosted with the best ingredients for your skin. For best effects you should always wash the area before applying the balm to allow for maximum absorption. Take a small amount and rub it into the region that needs it. It’s a great idea to massage it into your skin, allowing as much CBD as possible to absorb. Allow around ten minutes before you decide if you need more. For most people, one application is enough, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt you to take more!


Tip: Can be rubbed onto your temples to promote sleep and relaxation.



Topical: VoN CBD Bath Bombs


It’s well known that baths have several benefits for mental and physical health. Hot water can loosen up your muscles, improves blood flow and clear sinuses while boosting your mood.

When combined with CBD bath bombs, your skin is more likely to absorb all the beneficial compounds. This is because your pores are open up with the hot water.

Take your pampering session and self care to the next level. Your body will be nourished from inside and out.

Sit back, relax and let CBD do its work.




Now, you are well versed on all the possible ways to take CBD and the ones that we find are most effective: oral and topical.

Whichever way you choose, always look for quality and reliable products from trustworthy companies which care about their clients. 

Can you think of more ways to take CBD? Let us know in the comment box below.

For more information go to FAQ, the BLOG or contact us.

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