Frequent Asked Questions

CBD Basics

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the main naturally occurring compounds in Cannabis Sativa L. plant (Hemp).

This compound is known as phytocannabinoid, one of the over a hundred found in the hemp.

World Health Organisation CBD comprehensive review.

For people starting on CBD we always recommend starting on a lower strength product. VoN original is a great option.

No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effect. Our products are THC free.

No, CBD is non-toxic, as such no fatal overdose levels have ever been reported

They are one and the same. The true botanical name for hemp is Cannabis Sativa L.

When the term hemp is used, it refers to Cannabis Sativa strains with less than 0.2% of THC

Hemp and marijuana both refer to the cannabis plant. Marijuana is a term used to describe the recreational variety of cannabis.

Marijuana – recreational variety – THC levels over 0.2%

Hemp, THC levels under 0.2% and high content in CBD.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex network of receptors and molecules which are involved in the regulation of different body processes. Its main goal is to maintaining body balance.

Cannabinoids are substances of any origin that interact with the cannabinoid receptors found across the body and brain.

Full cannabinoids explanation.

Terpenes are a very diverse group of organic compounds produced by many plants. Their main quality is how aromatic they are, being the base for most essential oils.

Terpenes and CBD -The relation-

We are family company based in Dorset which place people and nature first. 

Our hemp is organically grown from the best European cultivars. All our CBD Oils are DOUBLE tested for extra reassurance. We are the only UK company taking this extra step to assure quality and consistency in our products.

All our products are Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO, UK Made and UK Lab Tested. There is a QR code on the back labels which takes you to the lab reports.

We are also really proud of being carbon neutral, because we believe our planet deserves better.

Usage and effects

There is no “one size fits all” because we all come in different shapes and sizes.

We always advise starting with a low quantity, approximately 5-15 mg of CBD, evenly divided into two or three daily servings. As an example:

VoN ORIGINAL contains approx. 2.5mg per drop.

VoN STRONG contains approx. 5mg per drop.

Each person is different so you will need to find your “right spot”. If needed, work your way up steadily to find the serving most effective for you. On average, most people are somewhere between 25mg to 70mg per day.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines state that the recommended maximum daily dosage is 70mg.

CBD can reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, if taken on an empty stomach, the consumer can experience low blood sugar symptoms, which include lightheadedness and nausea. To avoid this, consume with a meal.

Reports of side effects from CBD use in humans are extremely rare.

The SPS (Specialist Pharmacy Service) has an article to show some possible adverse effects or interactions with prescribed or other medicines.

However, if you are taking any medication, please contact beforehand your doctor or healthcare professional.

You can ingest, inhale or apply it to your skin (topical).

We offer two ways to take CBD.

-Oral: Oil drops is the most popular way to ingest CBD. Place a few drops under your tongue and swallow after 1-2 minutes.

-Topical: Benefit from an almost immediate effect on the targeted area.

Ways to take CBD.

CBD is eliminated (metabolized) mainly by your liver (but also by your intestines). CBD inhibits a enzyme called CYP450 (as grapefruit does). Our liver is like a recycling plant processing and filtering most of the compounds that arrive to our body.

Because CBD inhibits the CYP450 enzyme, the liver can’t work at full capacity whilst processing the CBD.

Not all products we ingest are removed by the liver and those that are, not all rely on this enzyme.

However, is a good advise to say that if the drug you are taking mentions grapefruit in the Patient Information Leaflet, or if you’ve been advised to avoid grapefruit by your doctor or pharmacist, you shouldn’t take CBD before seeking their advice.

If you are taking any medication, please contact beforehand your doctor or healthcare professional.

How long takes CBD to work depends on your choice of product and how you take it.

With oral administration, CBD blood concentration increases approximately 1 hour after use and reaches its maximum in about 3 hours.

Topical application takes effect within 10 minutes on the applied area.

Ways of taking CBD

On average, the CBD will stay in your body between 3-5 days.

This times are altered by several factors.

Body fat: CBD is soluble in fat, this means that in a lean person is metabolized quicker, so effects wear off before than in a person with more body fat content.

Frequency: A regular user will have CBD remains anywhere from 5 to 15 days.

Many leading doctors, scientists and experts in their fields are excited about the effects of CBD, never seen before in the pharmaceutical, food or dietary supplement industries.

People keep telling us that they use CBD to manage a wide range of conditions. However, because CBD is a food supplement, we can not make any medical claims or give any specific advice.

A lack of desired results can be due to low dosage, infrequent use or a low-quality product.

In most cases, CBD requires time to build up in your body before you can experience long term effects.

Taking CBD on regular basics, helps you to achieve constant effective levels in your blood stream. This way your endocannabinoid system is “engaged” and you can benefit the most.

CBD Legalities

Yes, all our CBD products follow and adhere to UK laws. 

Any products containing THC, THCV or CBN over 1mg per bottle or container  are restricted and as such are illegal in the UK. 

Yes CBD can be made in the UK but not from scratch.

What that it mean?

With the current legislation, the buds and flowers of hemp plants (where CBD is found) are considered controlled substances and have to be destroyed.

All our CBD flowers are imported from the best organically grown European hemp cultivars.

No, Voice of Nature hemp extracts contain only trace amounts of THC. It makes them virtually TCH free.

All our products are fully compliant with UK laws.

We are afraid this isn’t a straight answer.

In most cases yes but everything depends of each country regulations.

Laws are constantly changing, we strongly advice checking with the embassy of the country you plan to visit.

Assuming that you have a CBD product, manufactured in the UK from a reliable brand that complies with the law:

Domestic and EU countries flights: Only illegal in Slovakia

-International flights: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia and Singapore are clear examples of NO GO countries. But they are much more. 

Remember that if you do any change-overs before destination, you need to check them too.

Origin and ingredients

Depends of which one:

ORIGINAL and STRONG oils are THC free.

SYNERGY RAW contains THC traces. It’s a full spectrum oil.

Our hemp is organically grown in European cultivars to reduce our carbon footprint.

We use PEI certified quality land to grow our hemp on.

This guaranties the land is free of harmful toxins or pesticides.

Only hemp grown in rich soil is of high quality and produces CBD of the best grade.

Yes, all Voice of Nature products are gluten free.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.

It is created by heating up coconuts, heat allows the solid part to separate and stay in liquid state, whereas coconut oil would become solid.

MCT oil and CBD.

No, despite this fact, our MCT oils are resourced from farmers with the highest standards and we are currently pursuing an organic certification.

CBD advanced

Broad-spectrum: This variety of CBD contains multiple phytocannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant except THC (and other controlled compounds). This psycho-active compound is removed during the extraction process to minimum trace levels. Terpenes and flavonoids still present in the final product.

Full-spectrum: This form of CBD contains all phytocannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant, including THC, also terpenes and flavonoids will be present in the final product. 

Isolate: It’s the purest variety of CBD removing all other types of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

Cold pressing for our full spectrum SYNERGY RAW oil and super critical CO2 for our broad spectrum ORIGINAL & STRONG oils.

CBD extractions methods.

It’s a filtration technique that removes undesirable compounds extracted from the plant, like waxes, lipids and chlorophyll (gives a bitter taste).

The process itself consists on freezing the extract which separates the unwanted compounds. Afterwards, it’s slowly heated and filtered, leaving us the final product.

Cannabinol (CBN) is a psychoactive cannabinoid derivate from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) when it begins to degrade (oxidize). THC will turn into CBN over time, especially when exposed to light and heat. CBN does not produce the head high associated with THC instead, a user will experience more of a sedative effect coupled with a mild psychoactive effect. CBN and THC are both intoxicating. 

Phytocannabinoids are the cannabinoids produced by the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. So far has been discovered around 100 different ones. CBD is one of them.

Cannabinoids full explanation.

Endocannabinoids are a type of cannabinoids produced by our own bodies.

Both phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids influence the cannabinoids receptors throughout the body.

Cannabinoids full explanation.

It’s the ability to maintain internal stability within the body in response to the environmental changes. A “perfect equilibrium”.

CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

Hemp oil (also known as hemp seed oil or Cannabis Sativa seed oil) is made from hemp seeds, meaning there is none phytocannabinoids content.

Hemp seed oil is a excellent oil full of antioxidants omega -3 & 6 fatty acids. For decades has been used as powerful skin moisturizer, also it gives a great nutritional value to your diet.

The concern starts when some people promote their products as containing CBD, when they only have hemp seed oil.

CBD safety

CBD is widely considered to be safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated there are no public health risks or abuse potential for CBD.

WHO CBD report.

We advise pregnant, breastfeeding women and people under 18 year old to do not use CBD products due the lack of studies on these groups.

Like with any food supplement, we always recommend talking to your doctor or health professional before taking CBD, even more so if you are already taking any medication.

Reports of side effects from CBD use in humans are extremely rare.

The NHS has a useful Q&A document to show any possible adverse effects or interactions with prescribed or other medicines.

NO. CBD is a non-intoxicating substance, our bodies don’t build up tolerance to it.

No. CBD is non-toxic, as such, a fatal overdose has never been reported.

For oral use, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) advise not exceeding 70mg of CBD per day.

For topical applications, like CBD Balms or Face oils, strengths from 0.3% – 1.5% and onwards are considered effective.

CBD Bath Bombs

A CBD Bath Bomb is a specially crafted bath bomb with infused CBD that dissolves and interacts when placed into water. In our case can be of 50mg or 100mg. It use different essential oils and have different aromas.

Similar to bath bombs you may have already used before, CBD Bath Bombs use ingredients that fizz and bubble when place into water wrapping your skin, joints, and muscles with their beneficial properties. 

Why not? Everyone deserve some self-care after everyday stress. 

It’s entirely up to you, there are not any adverse effects with CBD topical use.

You can if you want to, however, one is more than enough. Keep the other bath bombs for another day!

Feel the tube with warm water, place the bath bomb, soak in and relax. We recommend for the most benefits stay at least 20 mins.

We advise anywhere between 20-40 minutes, but you can say for as long as you want.

CBD Balm

You can use it as much as needed, because of its high strength and quality ingredients we find that twice daily is sufficient in most situations.

Put a small amount on your fingertips and apply it in circular motions on the desired area.

VoN CBD balm containers are made with sustainable resourced wood chips and natural resins. It’s plastic FREE and fully compostable, yes you hear right.

Orders and deliveries

UK mainland only.

Free of cost for orders over £ 15, otherwise it’s £ 2.50.

Between 1-2 business days from dispatch. We aim to dispatch within 24 hours on weekdays.

Opps! Contact us at and we will get it sorted

We currently don’t offer tracking.

No hassle, let us know at within 7 days of goods arrival and we will send you a new replacement or refund.
Check the full terms in our shipping and returns page.

Royal Mail 1st class. 

Yes, up to £50 for damage or lost.

We recommend that you first look all over your property as Royal Mail may have left your package in a safe location, away from the view of the public. Also, please check with your family members and neighbours if they have seen your package.

If not found, contact your local Royal Mail depot.

If this doesn’t help, contact us and we’ll get it sorted.

If you try to place an order and receive an error message, it’s typically a result of entering a billing address different from the one associated with your credit card.

You must use the exact billing address that your credit card company has on file for you. Otherwise, your order may not go through. The shipping address you can use is whichever you like.


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Unfortunately, once an order is placed it cannot be canceled or modified. 

You can always send us back any products (you will have to pay for postage).

To be eligible, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received. It must also be in the original packaging.

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We are not liable for any losses incurred if  you provided any incorrect/missing details for the order.