All skin types

Hydrates & regulates skin oil production while reducing breakouts.

Balancing action

CBD supports adequate skin & body function.

Soothing balm with anti inflammatory effect


Ideal to combat inflammation or aches while aiding muscles & joints recovery.

Enhances skin’s natural regeneration whilst helping reduce redness & itchiness.


Hemp-derived antioxidants counteract free radicals from the environment that damage your skin.

High in vitamins & amino acids.

Flat lay photo hemp plant in a pot.
Moisturising balm rich in shea butter and hemp seed oil


 Provides intense nourishment without clogging the pores. 

Blended with shea butter & hemp seed oil to keep your skin radiant, smooth and flawless.



Absolutely, in fact many of our customers use it specifically for these are areas of the body.

Absolutely yes, we are Voice of Nature 😃. We believe in minimal packaging, so we use one box per product; you will never received from us a box into a box. 

The box is made of recycled carboard & newspaper. 

The glass bottle is widely recyclable. 

Our weakest point is the dropper which contains plastic. Separate the glass pipette from the plastic top so it can be processed in the recycling plant. Alternately keep it safe so you can reuse it with your next face miracle. Just let us know during your purchase, and we’ll send the oil with an aluminium lid.