It’s good to meet you.

We’re Petra and Alfonso, the people behind Voice of Nature.      

Our speciality is CBD products from organically grown Hemp.

Our Story

Living in picturesque Dorset, we regularly take our dogs for walks in the lush countryside which served as inspiration for us both.

We knew we wanted to do something surrounding the benefits of Hemp and together, we also had the advantage of strong scientific knowledge too.

However, one of the biggest priorities for us was to create a meaningful company that was eco-friendly, using sustainable materials as far as possible and one that made a positive impact on our planet. So, we blended that scientific expertise, our Hemp and CBD knowledge, our personal experience living in the midst of nature and our love for the planet.

The result is Voice of Nature. It’s ethical, offers eco-friendly Hemp and British.

Hemp for feeling good

CBD is making its mark on the world and it comes from the ancient plant, Hemp. While people are getting to know all the benefits of CBD oil for positive wellbeing, there’s less focus on Hemp so we wanted to take it out of the shadows and bring it to the forefront of people’s minds.

What we do

Voice of Nature is a small, family company; we are constantly developing new ideas and reviewing ourselves against our values. Always going the extra mile, we believe in giving more than we take and we’re proud that we donate to other, worthy, eco-friendly projects.

We strive to deliver you the very best, premium quality organically grown Hemp at the least cost to our planet and our organically grown Hemp is traceable from seed to shelf.

We just don’t rest well unless we’re 100% confident that we provide top quality products so we DOUBLE test all our CBD oils and as our products are sourced as locally as possible from like-minded companies, we support local farming, reducing the need to travel and so there’s no extra damage to our carbon footprint.

Our Hemp cares for you, it helps to alleviate stress, it can also reduce discomfort and give you an overall better sense of well-being. Better still, Voice of Nature works entirely naturally.

Voice of Nature has strong ethos; we always put people and nature first. 

Nature is our source of inspiration whilst we use science to guide us.

Why we're green

Nowadays, we see an increase in big corporations misusing the words “sustainable” and “eco-friendly”. We believe this to be highly unethical. Are these companies really sustainable? Well, not really! Many pick out the areas that they are somewhat sustainable but hide the other areas where they’re most definitely not! We’re different. We genuinely believe in ethical products and manufacturing. Nature hates waste – so do we, so we’re advocates of waste-reduction and we use the minimum amount of resources as possible, in the least harmful way, preserving our planet for future generations. Here are a few of the things that we do:

  • We only use vegetable inks
  • We only use compostable balm containers
  • Our servers run on renewable energy
  • Our packaging is recyclable

The truth is, that no matter how much we do to look after our planet, there is still some elements of harm. So we give back to compensate (and we’re honest about it too, we like to be transparent). We continuously plant new trees into our forests to offset our carbon footprint as one example.

So, you see Voice of Nature has got it covered – we’re as green as it gets!