We’re Petra and Alfonso.

Our speciality is eco-friendly CBD.

Our Story

Being so lucky to live in picturesque Dorset, we regularly go for long hikes with our dogs to the countryside, which served us as an inspiration.

Nature-inspired, we decided to create a meaningful company that helps people reconnect with ancient botanicals and instils respect for our planet.

CBD was a life-changing discovery for us and the reason why VoN use it blended with other beneficial natural ingredients.

With this in mind and adding to the mix our scientific knowledge, we realised that a sustainable skincare company was the perfect fit.

As a result, Voice of Nature was born.

Created with love and passion to connect you with nature and its healing powers.

Co founders of Voice of Nature

Hemp for feeling good

Hemp is an astonishing organic compound used since humankind’s beginning due to its versatility and many uses, from food to cosmetics, you name it, hemp got it covered. It’s the perfect plant to restore overall wellbeing, being one of the most sustainable, planet-friendly plants around and full of benefits. 

  • C02-Capturing Hero: Hemp plants absorb four times more carbon dioxide than trees. The perfect air purifier!
  • Nothing goes to Waste: Every single part, from leaves to roots, can be used. Talk about setting a good example!
  • No Pesticide need: Hemp is such a strong plant that it doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, which means happy and clean air, land and water.
  • Great Earth-Enricher: Thanks to its deep and strong roots, hemp gives the soil more nutrients than it uses up.
  • Wildlife champion: Hemp is a splendid shelter for all sorts of animals, and their flowers are beloved by bees.

What we do

We craft premium products that utilise the power of plants to offer effective natural solutions.

Our planet needs to be respected and nourished. We want to inspire change by doing things sustainably and harmlessly.

We raised the bar and chose to DOUBLE test all our CBD oils which are derived from organically grown European hemp. It reassures, even more, the quality and consistency of our products.

VoN focus on general wellbeing. Our formulas care about you, our processes about the planet.

People and Nature first

Our ethos: The planet deserves better.

Nature is our source of inspiration, science our guide.

Green to the core

For us, it’s an incredible opportunity to turn things around and help with the environmental crisis. Anyone of us can do something to improve the situation.

 “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”  Paulo Coelho.

We believe in transparency and sustainable manufacturing. Nature hates waste, so do we, we’re advocates of waste reduction. VoN use the minimum amount of resources to preserve our planet for future generations. 

 A few things that we do:

  • Minimum CO2 production: Raw materials are sourced as locally as possible from like-minded companies.
  • We use compostable balm containers, reducing plastic use to a minimum. 
  • Our servers run on renewable energies.
  • Our packaging is minimal and recyclable.
  • Compensate for postage: We plant a tree for each delivery.

The truth is that no matter how much we look after our planet, there are still some elements of harm. So we decided to give back and help restore the natural balance. 

We support several climate and conservation projects through our partnership with Ecologi. Take a look at our forestThis involvement compensates the onset of our emissions and helps us to be carbon positive. 

We have a sweet spot for pollinators and their pivotal role in nature. VoN started the bee seeds bombs initiative; we gift native wildflower seeds to customers interested in helping our ecosystems.

Petra and I can proudly say that we created a green company from its very foundations, better still, from its roots.

New to CBD?

Its full name is Cannabidiol, and it’s the most powerful compound found in the hemp plant. 

CBD popularity keeps soaring alongside people and becoming part of our daily routine thanks to its positive effects on our body and mind. CBD is an appealing option for those who want to bring a sense of calm back into their life without THC’s effects or support their skin, muscles, joints to improve overall well-being.

We created a guide to broaden your knowledge about this caring natural extract. Please, sit back, relax and let us introduce you to our friend CBD. We are sure that the chemistry is there.