We’re Petra and Alfonso.

Our specialty are hemp extracts.


Meet us & our Dreams

Being so lucky to live in beautiful Dorset, we regularly go for long hikes with our dogs to the countryside, which served us as an inspiration.

A few years back, we had a life-changing experience while using hemp-based products. 

It made us realise that hemp active ingredients are overlooked and exactly what people need to restore their holistic health.

Nature-inspired, we decided to follow our dreams and create a meaningful company that positively impacts people’s lives and respects our planet.

As a result, Voice of Nature was born.

Created with love to help people start feeling better with 100% plant-based products.

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Hemp for feeling good

This astonishing plant has been used since humankind’s beginnings due to its versatility and many uses. From food to cosmetics, you name it; hemp got it covered.

It is one of the most sustainable, earth-friendly plants in the world, fully packed with benefits.


CO2 Capturing Hero

Hemp plants absorb four times more carbon dioxide than trees. The perfect air purifier!

No Pesticide Needed

Hemp is such a strong plant that it doesn't need pesticides or herbicides, which means happy and clean air, land and water.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Every single part, from leaves to roots, can be used. Talk about setting a good example!

Great Earth-Enricher

Thanks to its deep and strong roots, hemp gives the soil more nutrients than it uses up.

Wildlife Champion

Hemp is a splendid shelter for all sorts of animals, and their flowers are beloved by bees.


What we do

VoN craft premium products that utilise plants’ power to offer effective and natural solutions to help people body & mind be at their best.

We use VoN as a force of good to promote sustainable and ethical businesses practices that inspire a positive change and support our environment.

People and Nature first

Our formulas care about you, our processes about the planet.

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Green to the core

For us, it’s an incredible opportunity to turn things around and help with the environmental crisis. We’re advocates of waste reduction and ethical business ethos. We are committed to leave our planet in a better place.

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” – Paulo Coelho.

Locally Sourced

Raw materials are resourced as close as possible from partners that share our ethos of respect to our planet.

Green Website

Internet requires tremendous amounts of energy, our website is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Mindful Packaging

VoN boxes are made from recycled cardboard & paper with a chemical-free process and no water waste.

Give Back

We compensate supporting climate & conservation projects that onset our minimal emissions.


We are constantly researching new ways to improve and developing our processes and materials used.

Our Forest

With each purchase a tree is planted to onset the CO2 generated during delivery. Check out the VoN forest.

Petra and I can proudly say that we created a green company that looks after the general wellbeing from its very foundations, better still, from its roots.


Start Feeling Better

Your deserve this, let your mind & body feel great. 

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