CBD oil labelling, avoiding trickery

Did you ever feel like some CBD companies want to lure into buying by using misleading labels? One of the many reasons we started Voice of Nature is to bring transparency and honesty to this market.

500mg? 1000 mg? Which percentage is it? 5%, 10%?  Is that in a 10 ml bottle? Ah, no wait, is actually in a 30 ml bottle, so the concentration isn’t 5% or 10% as you thought. What about the extraction method or hemp origin? have you seen it? And the drama goes on and on.

We have been in that situation, and we were confused too. We spent a lot of time studying the CBD market and UK laws, therefore, we can save you the hassle, time and money. 

Buying hemp extracts products shouldn’t be confusing and daunting. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is not well regulated and some companies take it to their advantage and make quick profits. CBD products are food supplements as such, companies shouldn’t claim that CBD is a cure for everything.

After reading this post, you will understand CBD labelling and from which products you should stay away.

Main Key Points


All CBD oils must display clearly on its front label:

  • The word CBD or cannabidiol
  • CBD concentration (in a percentage)
  • Total Amount of CBD in mg

At Voice of Nature, we also highlight how many mg of CBD contains each ml of product (mg/ml). It’s another accurate way to describe the product strength.

If some of these details above are missing, it’s a clear red flag, steer away from that CBD oil!

Information that must be displayed either in the front or the back label:

  • That is a food supplement 
  • The maximum daily recommended amount

Following the Food Standards (FSA) advise, is not recommended to exceed 70mg of CBD per day  (this is a precaution due the lack of studies)

  • Batch number, expire date, company address and a form of contact.

Despite not compulsory, you would expect to find:

  • CBD extraction method

Knowing it is fundamental as some of the extraction processes use solvents that can be very harmful if not fully removed. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the standard gold method because it doesn’t use solvents and retains most of the hemp valuable compounds. (more about extraction methods)

  • CBD origin

It’s the key ingredient, and as such, you want to know where is coming from. Weirdly enough, many brands don’t give you this vital piece of information. Voice of Nature hemp comes from European cultivars free of nasty chemicals or pesticides.

A reputable brand will display their independent laboratory certificates easily and allow for straightforward and quick access. This a mandatory requirement which gives customers needed confidence and more information. So why anyone would hide these results??

We don’t test our products once, but TWICE and by two different laboratories. We couldn’t sleep not knowing that you get only the best. You can see our lab certificates either following the QR code on the products’ labels or the website.

The Voice of Nature Strong 10% CBD bottle is over a branch with leaves in the background.

Cosmetic CBD products: 


It’s not a requirement for companies to express the amount of CBD as a percentage on their cosmetic products. 

What does this mean? Room for tricks from mean individuals. We can continuously see products offered as very high strength when they aren’t. 

You should always check the total amount of CBD and match it against the container size to calculate the product CBD percentage (%).

As an example, our VoN balm is 2%.

It contains 600mg of CBD and comes in a 30ml container: 

600mg/30ml = 20mg/ml, once you have this value (20mg/ml for us), divide it by 10 and you will have the percentage.

20mg/ml ÷ 10 = 2% CBD


Why so many CBD concentrations?


CBD potencies reflect people different lifestyles, needs and preferences. You may like to take only a few drops of a high strength product whilst on the go; other people may instead have a larger quantity of a low strength oil added onto their food, beverage or smoothie to give an example.




Unfortunately, some companies use their labels to confuse people, leading them to unwanted purchases, or even worse, unsafe products.

The main point to take from this reading is that you have to feel very happy and confident with your decision; knowing precisely what are you getting.

Always check for absolute concentrations, either expressed in a percentage (%) or mg/ml. It is significantly different having 1000mg in a 10ml than in a 30ml bottle; The first would be a 10% oil whilst the second a 3% oil!

Together we can raise the standards of the CBD market and ensure that only safe quality products are offered to the public.

Any questions? Voice of Nature is here to help. 

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